Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ophelia's Rose

Today Natalie and I set up a fun newborn photography shoot with Ophelia. I've been wanting to do a few things with some of the roses from the bushes around the house, since Rose is the middle name of her aunt Nadia -my sister, who happens to share a birthday with Miss Opal. Here's the product of our afternoon effort. Enjoy!

This was one of our first attempts. Ophelia didn't seem to like the comfy blanket, so we switched to a black felt cloth instead. 
And with that small change, our little Baby Spoon was out like a light. She seems so peaceful...
Can you tell we started to get ambitious once we realized she was sound asleep?
Ophelia definitely will not lack for pictures being taken of her growing up. I believe we've shot something with her every day since she joined our lives. Ah, the perils of having photographers for parents...
My, my, how cute. Someone shows a little love for her Daddy on his birthday. How sweet!
Yes indeed, nothing better than having a fun little shoot with my fun little pumkin on my birthday. An afternoon well spent!

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