Thursday, June 4, 2009

Aidan and family milestones

In the crazy rush of my own fatherhood, I forgot about an important milestone for one of my younger brother's. Aidan, my brother Matt's 1-year old son, took his first steps today! The last time that I saw the little guy was during my Eight-day a week trek from Miami to Seattle. My family had a celebration for his first birthday at a local park in Louisville, KY. Aidan is a very happy baby, and my family adores spending time with him. The little guy had quite the turn-out for his first birthday, plus an uncle photographer ready to shoot pics of the entire event. Here are some of the highlights from Aidan's special day:
You can easily see here how Aidan feels about paparazzi invading his space! Haha, it's actually Kat, his Mommy, angling for a good photo.
What everyone loves about Aidan is the little guy's personality. You can catch a glimpse of it here.
Although I don't have a good photo of Matt pushing Aidan on the swing, I do have this picture instead. Being in the swing was a highlight for Aidan's birthday party.
Here's a great shot of Kat pretending to be in the movie Up
Xander, one of my other nephews, teamed up with me for a few photos by the tree.
Here's Xander doing his best to get up into the tree. 
 One of my secret talents is finding four-leaf clovers. I found one for Aidan, but he tried to eat it. So I gave it to his Mommy for safekeeping.And this is one of the final shots I have of the birthday boy. He won't be needing this stroller for much longer now that he can walk! As excited as I am over my daughter's milestones in her new life, it's just as great to hear about those being reached by my nephews.

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