Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Possessive Pronoun

While I was in New York last month I attended the New York Comic Con and met Rod and Leanne Hannah, the creators of the hilariously irreverent Star Wars satire Blue Milk Special. While at the convention I commissioned a sketch by Leanne of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker fighting over Leia, while she cozies up with Biggs Darklighter in the background. I love the sketch, and think that Leanne did a fabulous job!
While at the convention, Rod told me that the sketch would eventually be colored and posted online. I'm excited to see the full-color version. :D

If you have a chance, be certain to visit Blue Milk Special and catch a brilliant satire for the saga that ends all sagas. I'm never disappointed by their spot-on parody, which says a lot for anyone who has suffered through the prequels. Take a look, you'll see for yourself! Enjoy!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Diadra Preview

Preview of a photo shoot that I had with Diadra. We got together to shoot some photos that she could send to her family as gifts. This image is one of my favorites, shot near the Tacoma Museum of Glass.
One of the great things for a portrait photographer about shooting photos in downtown Tacoma is the wide variety of locations that you can find. Both Diadra and I like this image, from the receding perspective of the stairs to Diadra's pose and smile. I can't wait to schedule more portrait photography shoots and find more awesome locations!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

First Snow

Snowfall is a magical thing, something that enlightens the soul. I took out my camera this afternoon after watching flakes gently falling endlessly for at least an hour. Here is on of the images I came away with. If you haven't discovered this by now, I love being a Lensbaby photographer, the technique and style is something that I truly enjoy. Seeing the effect the lensbaby produces on my images leaves me with that same feeling I get watching a fresh snowfall.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Weather Permitting

It's amusing how loaded a statement like that can be for a photographer in the Pacific Northwest. I am under the weather today, but still have enough energy to post a photo. This image is for an event I tried to put together across the country for anyone that wanted to join in on Facebook for the Harry Potter midnight premiere. "Nowhere is safe," indeed.

An unorganized flash mob of sorts, the focus of the event was to attend the midnight screening dressed as characters from other films. Though very tongue in cheek and bold, the fun comes from descending into absurdity and enjoying the moment -as Wolverine, Princess Leia and Edward Cullen clearly are.
If the weather permits, I'll definitely attend the second film's premiere dressed up for the fun like everyone else. I just feel bad I'm out of the action for tonight.

Wagons Banding

Wow, I guess it's easy to fall of the wagon when it comes to consistently posting one image per day for as long as possible. Life can pick up sometimes, but I'm still invested in my goal to publish a new image for as many days as I have the ability. Here's another fresh one from my photo walk this past Saturday.
The image has me interested in focusing on a series of monochrome photos -more or less, even though this image isn't fully monochromatic. It appears that more photo walks are in order! Doesn't that seem utterly horrible?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

There Will Always Be Echoes

So following the ambitious goal that I'm working towards is a challenge. But it's fun at the same time. I don't usually make time to peek through my catalogue of images. Usually I have to move onto the next project after completing the current one. But refreshing my memory of what I do have in "storage" will be a great way to make the most of my silent heroes -the photos that I have yet to show. Echoes that remain under the surface until given a chance to shine.This is one of the images that I shot while I was in Manhattan during New York Fashion Week. Shot using a Lensbaby, the image conveys why I love using that lens. If only I could get away with shooting film on a view camera again. Now that would be something...

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Discipline and Ambition

I went on a photo walk earlier today around downtown Tacoma with a friend. This is one of the images that I was fortunate enough to stumble upon. It struck me while capturing the image that I can conceivably post a blog entry daily featuring an original image of my own photography. The idea is intriguing enough that I want to take a crack at it. Hopefully, a little bit of discipline and ambition will benefit me greatly in this goal. Let's see where it leads...