Sunday, May 31, 2009

Harwen Productions Sci-fi Slasher Recap

So the final verdict of the shoot today is that it was a success. Things began slowly, as is the case with most film shoots. The first scene is always one of the longest ones to take care of. While make-up and camera equipment was prepared, I did my thing and shot plenty of stills. I really wish I could post everything that I shot, but copyright prevents me from doing so. At least until I can arrange something with Harwen Productions. Until then, hope you enjoy a few pics of the cast. Unleash those optic nerves, here there be vitamins to drink.
Three of the cast members -Jenni, Kristin and Yuliya- strike a pose for the camera. These girls definitely had to glam things up after spending the day in futuristic spaceship costumes.
And here is the entire cast for Spaceship Terror: Emily, Kristin, Lacey, Steve, Jenni, Rhonda and Yuliya. The relief on their faces is because they can finally go home after a near 10-hour workday!
For enders, everyone goes for the goof pose. Ya gotta shake off that terror somehow, right? Or am I right?

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