Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sussurros perto da Agua

"Sussurros perto da Agua" is Portuguese for "whispers by the water." The phrase invokes an enigmatic feeling with me, as do the images that I am posting today.

Yet there is great news to share! My daughter was born last week, on the 18th. She is a new gem in my life and a beautiful, healthy baby. I have a wonderful fiancée who labored long and hard until we ultimately we chose a C-section (per doctor's recommendation) to prevent any complications. And we made the right choice. I couldn't be any more pleased than I am now. My daughter is lovely, strong and already working at wrapping me around her finger. My partner is a wonderful, brave and magnificent woman for enduring what she did to bring our daughter into the world. In light of such a fantastic milestone, I wanted one final chance to post some maternity photos that I shot of my fiancée out along the Ruston Way Waterfront. These images were at her 9th month of pregnancy. So enjoy! Vitamins for your optic nerves.

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