Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our gem, Ophelia

Here are some of my favorite selected images of my new daughter Ophelia. She is a gem, completely adorable. Being Ophelia's father is the best experience that I could ever hope for. Most of these images were shot at the hospital. As new parents, Natalie and I had a great experience thanks to the wonderful hospital staff.
This shot is when the doctor brought Ophelia out of Natalie, via C-section. The surgery was a wise choice, as Ophelia was a 9.96 pound baby. The anesthesiologist's reaction was, "That's not a baby, that's a toddler!" 
Here I am, moments after becoming a happy and well-pleased Papa.
One of many bonding moments with my new daughter. She took every available opportunity to wrap me around her little finger too.
Ophelia's initials are O-P-A-L. Natalie and I named her this way on purpose to show exactly how precious she is to us.
Ophelia is an amazingly alert baby. It really surprises us what she is capable of and adds to our joy as her parents.
Here is the "Spoon family" finally leaving the hospital. After five days inside, we were ready to go home!
And a final shot of me smothering my daughter with a kiss. I love this pic, her facial expression is priceless. Ophelia is definitely her own little person. We're glad that she is what represents the best of us. Natalie and I couldn't possibly be any happier about that. 

Well, there always is the option for twins next time... :D


  1. Really cool and touching -nice editorial shots.
    You need to darken and deepen the spaces under your eyes, put some haggard all night effort look into your face and demeanor, though. Looks liike you had it tooo easy otherwise.

  2. Congratulations Tony! She's beautiful!