Saturday, July 4, 2009

To Sarah and Jeremy: Happy Anniversary!

This time last year I was experiencing Seattle for the first time thanks to my friends Sarah and Jeremy Vanderpool. They were married on July 4th last year at Shilshole Bay Beach Club. Whew. That place was a mouthful to pronounce then, and is still a mouthful now. Happily enough, Sarah and Jeremy are already proud parents! Their son Keegan was born on May 23rd. He's been keeping his Mommy and Daddy occupied and busy since then. Maybe someday he and Ophelia can have a play date together.

In honor of the Vanderpool's first anniversary, I'm posting some of the highlights from their wedding last year. Sarah and Jeremy, happy anniversary! I hope you two pass the holiday in more style this year than you did last year. Here's some nuptial vitamins for those firework-strained optic nerves. Enjoy!
Sarah and Jeremy had their "First Look" at Golden Gardens park. The entire day was coordinated by Merry Beth Turpin, from Aisle of View wedding consulting, and went very smoothly!
The weather was beautiful that day -a Seattle rarity- and we were able to get some great photos!
Sarah's bouquet was stunning and she looked amazing in her wedding dress.
The ceremony was held on the outside patio at Shilshole BBC and went very smoothly, thanks in part to the good weather and more importantly from the great planning by Merry Beth Turpin!
I was able to steal Sarah and Jeremy for a romantic shoot in the bay during the dinner hour, but we had to hurry to make the most of the fading light!
Here we all are at the end of the night! It was a fabulous wedding, definitely one to remember!

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