Monday, July 13, 2009

Because a Diamond is Forever

Call this a cautionary tale. Going through some old text messages the other day, I found this gem (I guess the pun was intended) of a picture message I sent out back in March. While assisting Ken Hayden on an architectural shoot, I found the following picture in an old magazine jewelry ad:
Now, just because a diamond is forever doesn't mean you throw in a poorly placed lens flare. This isn't a JJ Abrams movie. Why, oh why, did they place a lens flare on her right hand? It looks very.... suggestive. To say the least. I do think that this is my favorite jewelry ad in the world. I wish I could say who the ad was for. Perhaps De Beers? I don't know. But this goes to show that adding unnecessary special effects just for the sake of doing so doesn't always produce the desired result. Chalk up another cautionary tale for the blog. :D

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