Monday, January 31, 2011

Cupid Stole My Heart, pt. 3

As I've been plugging away at today, I'm offering a Valentine's Day sale on my fine art photography. Email me with the subject header "Cupid Stole My Heart" to get a 15% discount on this series of images that I shot in Mississippi several months after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf coast.
Images from this series are available in varying sizes, from 6"x6" to 10"x10" photos even up to 14"x14" or 20"x20" prints. I'm opening my entire image catalogue -including these images here- for this special sale, so contact me with any questions you may have!This image below features 100% genuine Katrina mud that, according to a local I spoke with, seeped up drywall paneling to attach itself to the original wooden planks the building was constructed with. After the drywall was pried away, the mud remained.
This image I captured inside of an abandoned restaurant. The plaster wall had actually been knocked away in this exact manner. I wonder if you see the same thing that I did..
One of the most noticeable things throughout buildings that, though standing, were condemned and abandoned was the random objects left behind. This image has one, if only you know where to look.
As late as it currently is, I am going to post more images tomorrow. Following the updates for this current image portfolio, you'll see more fantastic fine art photography to come! So feel free to email me with questions or requests!

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