Monday, January 31, 2011

Cupid Stole My Heart, pt. 2

Here is another set of images from one of the series of my fine art photography that I am currently offering a Valentine's Day sale during this week and the next. Email me to get a 15% discount on either 6"x6" to 10"x10" or 14"x14" and even a grandiose 20"x20" prints, all you have to do is include the phrase "Cupid Stole My Heart" in the subject header to receive the discount.
As I travelled to Mississippi for the weekend I spent creating images, I was keen to focus on an aspect of my photography that I hadn't ever devoted time towards. This series was one of the first successful premeditated projects that I've worked on.
Here are some more of the images that I was fortunate to create. If you can discover what my original focus was -based from these photos- I'll include two images printed as postcards for free with your print order!Four days of shooting yielded a portfolio of 25 images. 50 images total, if you have stopped and viewed this album I posted last year.
If it isn't obvious with this image, then email me and I'll tell you. But in the next update, you'll see that my focus completely changed after the first day of shooting...

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