Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Possessive Pronoun

While I was in New York last month I attended the New York Comic Con and met Rod and Leanne Hannah, the creators of the hilariously irreverent Star Wars satire Blue Milk Special. While at the convention I commissioned a sketch by Leanne of Han Solo and Luke Skywalker fighting over Leia, while she cozies up with Biggs Darklighter in the background. I love the sketch, and think that Leanne did a fabulous job!
While at the convention, Rod told me that the sketch would eventually be colored and posted online. I'm excited to see the full-color version. :D

If you have a chance, be certain to visit Blue Milk Special and catch a brilliant satire for the saga that ends all sagas. I'm never disappointed by their spot-on parody, which says a lot for anyone who has suffered through the prequels. Take a look, you'll see for yourself! Enjoy!

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