Friday, September 25, 2009

Highway 90

One of the eeriest things that I noted while I in Mississippi during the weekend of my photographic journey was how quiet the place had been. One of the impacts of the hurricanes that hit the Gulf coast in 2006 was the displacement of local wildlife. There were no birds singing, no squirrels scurrying, no frogs croaking in the night. Nothing. Just a mute silence attesting to the devastation wrought by Katrina and Rita.

I shot a brief night-time series with prolonged exposure along Highway 90. This area was all but flattened by the power of nature and a lot of the man-made buildings and landmarks were gone. I would have loved to continue the series, but when it comes to 30-min to 1-hour exposure times in the middle of the night... well, even I have my limits!

So the fine art photography posts will come to a brief end for now. This weekend is the South Sound Wedding show in the Tacoma Convention and Trade Center. I'll be working on making some new business cards and getting ready to do some networking during the event. For now, I'm beyond burning the midnight oil, so I should get some sleep...

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