Friday, April 24, 2009


Well, it's been an interesting two weeks since I moved diagonally across the United States. There has been much to keep me occupied since I arrived in Washington and sadly my goal of blogging fell beneath other attention-grabbing concerns. Fortunately, I have been able to get back on track!

Today I received notice that my photography would be included in a local art show. This is a display-only exhibition, none of the artwork will be for sale. But the positive side to this is that I'll be able to gain some exposure and name recognition after people view my artwork.

The images that I will be contributing for exhibition are from my re-photographic journey to Mississippi the summer after Hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf area. I've shown my images before in a joint exhibition titled "Recognoscere," which means "to view again." The focus of that show was to bring a new outlook into that tragedy and find hope and beauty among what remained.

As stirring as my images may be, I think it's more satisfying to get involved in the process to restore Mississippi to the grandeur that existed before the hurricane. While there, I heard stories about historic buildings being razed so that out-of-state developers could build condos in their place. It may seem like a spook story to motivate action, but it already has happened down there. So find a way to get involved, there is nothing better than to help someone who needs it. And trust me, after seeing the amount of devastation along the Gulf coast of Mississippi in person... they can use some help too.

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