Saturday, March 28, 2009

Winter Music Conference '09 - IDMA Awards Part 2

So here are the photos I promised from the other night's IDMA awards. I had a great time being there, another big thanks to Chris Sidman, from On the Spot Lighting and Sound, for the opportunity to shoot the event. Again, his lighting was fantastic -which you'll be able to see for yourself. It was a real treat to see all of the performers live, from Charo to Jes to the Whip and also Don Diablo. LMFAO played a great set and I think the lighting for DJ Rap was some of the best for the entire night.

As promised, here are the photos. Candy for your optic sensors. Enjoy.

Here is a quick shot of the stage set before the awards presentation.
The Whip played the first act, and had a great set. I'd like to see them again. Even closer next time.

DJ Rap performed next. She had a really unique presentation, a cool departure from someone who performs house music.

She performed with the Fellows of the New World Symphony. It was really awesome.
Don Diablo was next and performed his single, "Hooligans Never Surrender." It was fierce.

Chris really lit up the stage with some great lighting. It added another layer of energy to Don Diablo's performance.
You should czech out the link above, it goes straight to his music video. I can't explain why, but that video is the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. Take a look.
Charo was the next performer. Not only did she host the ceremony and present the awards, but she gave everyone an acoustic treat. What a way to demonstrate how well-rounded of an entertainer she is..
I enjoyed it, and for a woman her age she definitely still knows how to rock!
The next artist was Jes, who gave everyone a performance of her single, "Imagination."

After that, LMFAO -a current favorite among many here in Miami- took the stage for their blend of hip-hop, techno and club music.

They performed their single, "I'm in Miami *Beach*" (my preferred version of the hook).
"Hey! You look kinda cute. In that polka dot bikini, gurrl."

LMFAO had the crowd on their feet while they closed out the night.
By this point, everyone was crowding the stage. It had become a real show and no longer an awards ceremony.

..Aaaand here I am at the end of the night. I had a great time and love the images I got. Props to Chris one more time for the opportunity to be there. I can't wait for WMC next year.

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