Thursday, March 26, 2009

Winter Music Conference '09 -IDMA Awards

So tonight I had the chance to shoot the 24th Annual International Dance Music Awards at the Miami Beach Resort & Spa, part of this year's Winter Music Conference. I figured that this was probably the best jumping off point for a blog, so I'm diving straight into it. Stepping right onto the scene and it's popping. I'm in Miami Beach.
That will make more sense later, I promise.
I was invited to the IDMA award ceremony by Chris Sidman, the owner of On the Spot Lighting and Sound. Chris set up lighting and audio for the award ceremony and wanted me to get some shots of the various performers on stage. It was quite the event. The awards were hosted by the legendary Daniel Glass and Charo, featuring performances by The Whip, DJ Rap, Don Diablo, Charo (she's quite the performer, I'll tell you), Jes and the final performers were LMFAO. They brought everyone to their feet, performing their current single here right in Miami Beach. 
The live music was really good, and I was lucky to get some amazing shots. Each artist performed one of their singles during the awards presentation, and the lighting that Chris set up was fantastic. I'll have to add the photos tomorrow. After running around tonight shooting everything, setting up the blog -not to mention that I'm still in the process of packing for my grand cross-continent road trip- I think some sleep is justly due... photos on their way tomorrow. Promise. A bientôt et bonsoir, mes amis. 


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  2. Wow Tony, sounds like you've been having fun in the sun! I'm sure the performances were great but I'll be sure to comment more when I see the pics. I've never been to Florida but I'll be vacationing in Orlando in June.

    I deleted the post above because it kept saying Nick said... and thats just not me man!

    Great Pics by the way. You could use that flash bulb to tan! Do you see how dark your shadow is? I've seen Charo before, I think SNL made spoof about her once. What a face-lift. Did you meet any of these performers and if so, who would you hang out with most?

  3. I'd probably chill with either the Whip or Don Diablo. The Whip played a good show, but the music video for Don Diablo is fiercely twisted.

    I know that Chris Beckstrand lives in Orlando now. You should look him up if you have his contact info.