Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Cupid Stole My Heart, pt. 5

This blog post is the last of my updates for my catalogue of photography from Mississippi. Each update features images from my fine art photography catalogue that I'm offering for a Valentine's Day sale. Simply email me with the subject header "Cupid Stole My Heart" and I'll offer a 15% discount on the price of prints.
I suppose you can say I've held onto the ones I like the best for last. These images are among several that have been compared to the Color Field paintings by Mark Rothko-which I've considered a huge compliment.
The deliberate process that I took while shooting this series -over a span of four days- yielded a total of 25 portfolio images. I attribute that success to the subject matter and style I used to capture the images. I've always held a desire to return and re-photograph the area, or even in other places that have been damaged by natural disaster.
The image below is of a church steeple that was knocked to the ground from the force of the hurricane. If you look closely, you can see the oxidation of the metal from years of exposure to the elements.
So this week I've been busy posting blog entries of the entire series -in sequences of 5 images- that I'm offering for my Valentine's Day sale, but if you want to see the entire collection of images you can visit the gallery that I set up online.
All of the photos from this series are available in varying sizes, from 6"x6" to 10"x10" photos even up to 14"x14" or 20"x20" prints. They are all available for this special sale, so contact me via email with any questions you may have!

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