Sunday, October 17, 2010

Blue Milk Special: A Shout Out

Usually when I begin a blog post, I don't always have time to complete it. I know that this is a bad habit -and the purpose of blogging is to actually post updates, not create a digital graveyard of unfinished entries- but I'm excited enough about this news to post

Last week, attending the New York Comic Con I was able to meet Rod & Leanne Hannah of Blue Milk Special. It was one of the reasons why I had wanted to attend the con (in addition to shoot photos along the way) and both Rod and Leanne were extremely gracious and wonderfully fun people to talk with. I was even able to commission a sketch from Leanne featuring some of the BMS characters! I love it. She did a fabulous job.

After stopping by their table, I shot a photo of Rod & Leanne -which they featured in the most current strip of Blue Milk Special. I was more than happy to pass it along to them and can't say enough about how great I think they are. I really appreciate the courtesy sent my way.

So if you have a chance, be certain to check out Blue Milk Special. And if you get a laugh at what Vader has on his coffee mug, then vote for them! Show some love! I'm certain you'll enjoy the rest of what Rod and Leanne have planned as the strip continues.

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